Old Town Chinatown

Perfectly positioned between major employment, retail, residential, and mass transit hubs, Portland’s Old Town Chinatown is the city’s oldest neighborhood. This distinct and historic district is home to major tourist destinations and higher educational institutions as well as vibrant mix of commercial offices, retail businesses, and residential units.

The Old Town Chinatown neighborhood is highly diverse, featuring an affordable building stock that attracts entrepreneurial and creative class-type companies, social service agencies serving the low-income and homeless population, an active nightlife scene featuring a wide range of bars and entertainment venues, and a variety of local and independent retailers and restaurants.
The neighborhood is also easily walkable to downtown Portland’s Central Business District and the neighboring Pearl District. It is linked to the Greater Portland region by TriMet’s light rail lines as well as Amtrak passenger train and bus service at Union Station.

Old Town Chinatown recruitment materials: