As part of our commitment to the vitality of the urban core, the Clean & Safe District conducts research related to downtown real estate and development. Downtown market research includes an annual Business Census & Survey of all businesses, governmental entities and nonprofit agencies located in the I-5/I-405 loop; custom demographic site analyses; semi-annual pedestrian traffic counts of 15 intersections within the Clean & Safe District; annual report of all development and redevelopment projects that are recently completed, under construction or planned in the Central City; an inventory of available downtown commercial properties and more.

Pedestrian Counts

The Clean & Safe District conducts semi-annual pedestrian traffic counts on 15 intersections within the district from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The purpose of the counts is to track pedestrian traffic volumes in front of key intersections within the downtown core, available retail space and parcels poised for redevelopment.

Pedestrian counts measure the foot traffic entering each intersection. Contracted individuals use directional counting boards to track the number of pedestrians entering the intersection from each direction. The counts are recorded hourly for 12 hours.

The information is compared to previous counts collectively within the Clean & Safe District and individually by intersection.