Report shows pedestrian activity continues to increase downtown

Jun 27, 2018
Portland, Ore. – Today, Downtown Clean & Safe released its June 2018 Pedestrian Count Results and Comparables Report, which shows a 7 percent net increase in foot traffic over the June 2017 count, highlighting continued vibrancy in the downtown core.
The June 2018 count took place June 21-23, tracking foot traffic at 15 intersections in downtown Portland. Of the total 15 corners counted this season, 14 were also counted in June 2017. Results from the count found that the most trafficked intersections were Sixth and Morrison, which saw a 3 percent decrease in foot traffic over the 2017 count, with 15,970 people; Fifth and Morrison, which saw an 18 percent increase in foot traffic over the 2017 count, with 15,531 people; 10th and Burnside, which saw a 12 percent decrease in foot traffic over the 2017 count, with 14,623 people; and 10th and Morrison, which saw a 20 percent increase in foot traffic over the 2017 count, with 13,075 people. 
“Downtown Portland remains a vibrant place for residents and visitors alike to explore, particularly during the summer months,” said Peter Andrews, chair of the Downtown Clean & Safe board of directors and vice president of Melvin Mark Brokerage. “The steady increase in foot traffic downtown is a strong indication that our city is thriving, but in order to maintain this momentum, we must continue to support organizations like Downtown Clean & Safe, Central City Concern and many more who work hard every day to keep our city a welcoming place for all.”
Clean & Safe conducts semi-annual pedestrian counts to track pedestrian traffic volumes in front of key intersections within the downtown core, available retail space and parcels poised for redevelopment. Results are provided to developers, real estate brokers, property managers and owners, prospective tenants, institutional investors and others who are interested in downtown Portland as a place to do business. Corners counted during the semi-annual counts can change slightly depending on a number of factors, including retail vacancies and new tenants.
See full results here.
Downtown Clean & Safe District
Downtown’s Clean & Safe District was created 30 years ago to support additional cleaning and security in the central city. The district, funded by downtown property owners, includes 213 blocks in the central city, and also supports market research, and retail recruitment and retention efforts. The district is managed by the Portland Business Alliance under the direction of the district’s board of directors. Learn more at