Portland Police Chief, downtown property and business owners honor the people keeping downtown clean and safe

Oct 24, 2013
PORTLAND, Ore. – Every day on the streets of downtown Portland, there are more than 30 men and women who are cleaning downtown’s sidewalks, removing graffiti and alerting Portland Police Officers to crime. Today, two outstanding members of the Clean & Safe team and the 2013 Downtown Champion were recognized. 
About the award winners:

Clean & Safe Cleaner, Matt Smiley: Matt has served as Central City Concern’s program manager for the past three years, working closely with the Clean & Safe cleaners to help re-integrate them into society after extended periods of homelessness, addiction and/or incarceration. Matt has had a lasting and significant impact on the program’s success as he introduced the response-by-bike system and has increased employee retention.
Clean & Safe Security Officer, Jess Riley: Officer Ralph Lawrence joined Clean & Safe in 2010 after an accomplished law enforcement career. Often thought of as a mentor, Officer Riley is relied heavily upon to help train new officers. His calm, yet, professional demeanor and positive attitude help make downtown Portland a safe place for all. 
2013 Downtown Champion, Judy Van Alstyne: In memory of Judy Van Alstyne, Clean & Safe is honoring her with the third annual Downtown Champion award. Judy Van Alstyne was a tireless advocate for all things that make downtown a great place to live, work and play. As a champion volunteer for downtown Portland, she contributed to a number of action-oriented groups such as the Downtown Retail Council and the Downtown Public Safety Action Committee.
The event was celebrated at Director Park and began with cleaning and security activities by notable downtown business and property owners. During the recognition ceremony, Clean & Safe Board Chair, Peter Andrews, Portland Police Chief Mike Reese, and Lynnae Berg, executive director of Clean & Safe, presented the awards and spoke on behalf of the Clean & Safe program. Ed Blackburn, executive director of Central City Concern, gave closing remarks regarding the partnership between the downtown business community, social service agencies, and the Portland Police Bureau and Portland Patrol Inc.