Clean & Safe Appreciation Day honors downtown's cleaners, security officers and the 2011 Downtown Champion

Celebration recognizes the positive impact Clean & Safe services have on downtown Portland.

Oct 11, 2011
Downtown Portland, Ore. – Today, a celebration that recognized downtown’s Clean & Safe program drew Central Precinct Commander Bob Day and notable downtown business owners. Portland’s downtown Clean & Safe program employs more than 40 men and women who clean downtown’s sidewalks and remove graffiti and helps keep the district’s 213 blocks of the central city safe. At Clean & Safe Appreciation Day, two outstanding members of the Clean & Safe team as well as the 2011 Downtown Champion were recognized for their exceptional service to downtown.
"I’m honored to celebrate the outstanding work of the Clean & Safe District’s cleaning and security team. Every day, rain or shine, they are out there working on behalf of our downtown,” said Dave Williams, chair of the Clean & Safe board of directors and vice president for utility services at NW Natural. "We couldn’t do this work without the critical partnership between business, the nonprofit community and the city; together we achieve great things for downtown Portland.”
Clean & Safe workers, Willard Griggs and Adolph Lewis received the cleaning and safety awards. Mike Kuykendall, Director of Services of the Portland Police Bureau, received the 2011 Downtown Champion award, which is a new tradition this year.
Willard exceeded expectations by consistently taking initiative to problem solve during his work with the Clean & Safe program. When Clean & Safe was challenged with the task of keeping the new mall shelters clean, Willard was promoted to a permanent position at Clean & Safe and he now takes pride and ownership in keeping the shelters clean.
Adolph is one of the original members of Portland Patrol, Inc. (PPI) and has been serving the citizens of downtown Portland as a PPI/Clean & Safe officer since October 1997. Additionally, he spent almost 10 years working downtown for the district when it was known as Association of Portland Progress.
Mike’s years of service through his work as Multnomah County deputy district attorney, vice president of central city and downtown services for Clean & Safe and now as director of services of the Portland Police Bureau, have made downtown a better place for all.
Clean & Safe Appreciation Day included cleaning and security activities, where the Clean & Safe crew demonstrated the critical cleaning and security work they do to a number of downtown business and property managers and owners.
During the recognition ceremony, Central Precinct Commander Bob Day, Central City Concern Executive Director Ed Blackburn and TMT Development President Vanessa Sturgeon presented the awards and spoke about the importance of the program.

Downtown Clean & Safe District
Downtown’s Clean & Safe District was created more than 20 years ago to support additional cleaning and security in the central city. The district, funded by downtown property owners, includes 213 blocks in the central city, and also supports market research and retail recruitment and retention efforts. The district is managed by the Portland Business Alliance under the direction of the district’s board of directors.