City leaders renew commitment to “Pitch In!” for the love of Portland

Daily trash service and an additional 200 garbage bins for Downtown Portland

Oct 11, 2018

PORTLAND, Ore. – On the 30th Anniversary of Downtown Portland’s Clean & Safe District, Mayor Ted Wheeler announced his next step in committing to keep our streets free of litter. Beginning this week, the city will provide six days a week trash service, with daily service offered in early 2019 in downtown. In addition, Clean & Safe, an affiliate of the Portland Business Alliance, will purchase 200 additional garbage bins for Downtown Portland. 

“It is critical that we put our money and efforts where our mouth is, and this additional pick up schedule is just one of the ways we are doing that,” shared Mayor Ted Wheeler at today’s event. “This is just the first announcements of several to come for how, as your Mayor, I will address the dirty work of getting trash cleaned up in the city—in order to make Portland more livable for everyone.” 

“With the mayor’s announcement of garbage service increasing to seven days a week by early 2019, he’s challenged all Portlanders to match his administration’s efforts to make this city ‘cleanest and most livable’ city in the United States,” said Andrew Hoan, President and CEO of Portland Business Alliance. “We say: Challenge accepted.” 

Signifying a commitment to reducing litter in the downtown area, Clean & Safe is pleased to announce an investment of $300,000 for 200 new high-capacity garbage cans over the next several months. One hundred of these will arrive on the streets downtown this October. With 100 more arriving in early 2019, the added capacity replace and replenish trash bins in Portland’s urban core releasing city funds to provide trash bins in other neighborhoods across our city. 

The announcement, made at today’s ninth annual Clean & Safe appreciation day, recognizing the people who work downtown to keep Portland’s streets clean and safe. The recipients of the 2018 Cleaner of the Year recognition was awarded to Kris Jefferies and Donnie Martin. Portland Patrol Incorporated officers Jaymes Descoteaux and Sergeant Adrian Perez were honored for their commitment to providing security in the downtown enhanced service district with the 2018 Officer of the Year award. 

“We are proud to recognize the extraordinary cleaners and security officers who make downtown Portland a safer place, every day,” said Eric Murfitt, chair of the Clean & Safe board of directors. 

Downtown Portland’s Clean and Safe District is one of the oldest, largest and most successful enhanced service districts in the nation, celebrating a special partnership that is 30 years strong, investing $5 million annually, $1 million in just cleaning alone to make our downtown more livable. 

2018 Clean & Safe Appreciation Day

About the Clean & Safe District 
Downtown Portland’s Clean & Safe District was created in 1988 and lauded as a nationally innovative way to provide cleaning and security for Portland’s urban core. The 213-block district is supported by downtown property owners. Cleaning work is conducted through a partnership with Central City Concern, and the security team consists of many former Portland Police officers with a background in community policing. The district is managed by the Portland Business Alliance under the direction of the district’s board of directors. 

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