Safety & Security

The Clean & Safe security program’s goal is to ensure an orderly downtown through enhanced crime prevention efforts. Security officers provide assistance to the city in resolving public space, maintenance and public safety issues in downtown Portland. They also work closely with the mayor and Portland City Council to support community policing efforts.
The district works with the Portland Police Bureau and the District Attorney’s office to provide enhanced public safety services in the downtown area. Private security officers—many of whom are former police officers—patrol the district on foot and on bicycle seven days a week. The district also funds several Portland Police officer positions that are dedicated to the district service territory. The private security officers have direct radio contact with Portland Police officers patrolling the district, which enables rapid response to illegal activity seen by security officers. During their security patrols, Clean & Safe security officers also resolve disputes and provide information and citizen assistance. 

Call Clean & Safe at 503.224.7383 to help with your security issues:

  • Disorderly/suspicious behavior
  • Aggressive panhandling
  • Public drinking/inebriates
  • Suspicion of drug dealing or drug use

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