Living in the District

Residents within the Clean & Safe District benefit from added cleaning and security services while enjoying all that downtown Portland has to offer, with direct access to public transit, parks, a flourishing arts scene, dynamic restaurants and a vibrant mix of local and national retailers.

Condominiums and apartment buildings
There are many condominiums and apartment buildings in the Clean & Safe District.

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The Clean & Safe District is also home to many affordable housing options as well as transitional housing units that are run by social service organizations.

A number of parks, many including public art, fountains, historical or interactive fixtures and other amenities are located within the Clean & Safe District.

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To find your neighborhood elementary or high school, please visit the Portland Public Schools website. St. Mary's Academy, a private girl's high school, is also located in the Clean & Safe District.

Several universities and other educational institutions are located in the district.

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Farmer's Markets
Portland is well known for its 'farm to table' culture and Portland Farmers Market hosts three seasonal weekly markets within the Clean & Safe District.

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Condos and apartments

Apartment buildings  



Universities and other educational institutions


Farmers Markets