Community Court

The Clean & Safe District partners with the community justice systems of Multnomah County and the State of Oregon by providing staff to support the Westside Community Court. Community Court handles quality-of-life crimes in a cost-efficient manner and in a way that benefits both the entity that was offended and the individual offender. More than 13,000 defendants have participated in the Westside Community Court program since its inception in 2002.

The Community Service Restitution Program provides leaf and trash removal in support of Clean & Safe services to the district. These services are provided by defendants referred from the Westside Community Court to complete community service as part of the resolution of their offense. In addition, the district partners with law enforcement and local retailers to facilitate a Theft Accountability Class for indigent, first-time misdemeanor theft defendants who plead guilty in Community Court.

Community Court statistics from the past 10 years

(August 2002 through July 2012)
  • 15,561: Defendants ordered by the court to perform community service
  • 10,383: Defendants in compliance (67 percent of completed cases)
  • 209: Defendants still working towards completion
  • 5,178: Defendants not successful and facing additional court sanctions (33 percent of completed cases)
  • 25: Average number of days between assignment and completion
  • $958,456.20: Total labor value of work hours performed (at minimum wage, not including partial hours completed by defendants who did not complete the program)
  • 119,402: Total number of community service labor hours completed (not including partial hours completed by defendants who did not complete the program)

Theft Accountability Class statistics from the past nine years

(April 2003 through July 2012)
  • 4,446 Sentenced to class
  • 39 Open cases
  • 3,212 Successful (73 percent)
  • 1,169 Failure (27 percent)