Clean & Safe is dedicated to keeping downtown Portland livable for everyone.
Below are some of the comments we receive from businesses in the district.

"Thank you. On my Saturday stroll to work on an average, cloudy Portland day in January, I approached the corner of Broadway and Yamhill where I saw four young lads playing their instruments for the public. In that moment, I realized how pivotal your work is. These children could not demonstrate their talents to the world in broad daylight without the diligent oversight and protection by this organization. My day started out good, but that experience elevated my outlook to amazing.

Keep doing what you are doing. I have read the yearly reports, and I know there are challenges. Nonetheless, please keep striving; your fellow citizens appreciate your hard work."
- February 3, 2018

"The Old Town branch staff at Trailhead offers our deepest thanks to Clean and Safe for all of the work that is accomplished by your organization on a daily basis. Your efforts to keep our parking lot and sidewalks clean from waste do not go unnoticed and it is sincerely appreciated by our credit union.

The crews from Clean and Safe spend countless hours addressing our community risk concerns, and at times, take on very challenging situations in order to maintain a safe environment for those who visit our building. Please know that we value and respect your hard work and do not take for granted your commitment to improving Downtown Portland."
- November 20, 2017

"I would like to compliment Portland Clean and Safe officers and cleaning staff. Your crew of professionals have done a fantastic job in dealing with non law enforcement issues dealing with some of Portland's homeless folks that have decided to take up residency in my building's contractor loading zone. Your Officers were very professional and compassionate while dealing with such a sensitive issue. Thank you to Officer Nauerth and Officer Heirtzler for your help. You two are what I think of as Portland's finest. Keep up the great work."
- August 30, 2017

"On Friday 5/28, I called to get the front entrance of our building on 220 NW Broadway, Pendleton Woolen Mills pressure washed. The individual on the phone was happy to assist me. They said it would be done at night and over the weekend. I came in Monday morning to see a very clean sidewalk. They even did the Everett side of our building. We at Pendleton Woolen Mills wanted to say thank you, for doing such a great job and in such a quick fashion. Your hard work around the city does not go unnoticed."
- May 2, 2017

"All of us at GreenWorks would like to thank you for the difficult yet invaluable work you do for our office and the neighboring business in Old Town/Chinatown. Every encounter we've had with a Clean and Safe employee has been both positive and professional, and the way you treat the less fortune is highly respectable.

We experience multiple occurrences a week that require outside assistance, but not necessarily the assistance of law enforcement. We are fortunate to have an organization such as yours to help us mediate these instances in a non-threatening manner. Again, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the workers at Downtown Clean and Safe. Thank you for your incredible work!"
- Feb. 16, 2017

"Thank you thank you Patrol Portland and Clean & Safe Officers! Our area of Old Town at NW 5th & Couch is feeling safer again. In the last couple of weeks I've felt a renewed presence of Officers. Today (Friday, Aug. 19th) we unfortunately had a theft of $130 worth of merchandise, but while we were working with police, a Clean & Safe Officer was in the area and took care of a person who'd fallen asleep against our store, and helped without us needing to call it in. It's happened a few times that Officers are already handling a situation we would otherwise be calling in about. Thank you to Lieutenant Jesse Riley for reaching out to us personally to address our concerns. Keep up the great work, and thank you for caring as much about Old Town and downtown as we do!"
- Aug. 19, 2016

“Hi, I’m a downtown Portland resident and want to compliment Sammy Webb, one of your staffers. Last week I was walking by the frozen yogurt place next to South Park and Sammy was carefully extracting a hypodermic needed from underneath a park bench where children often sit. I started chatting with him and he said he had found FOUR of them. He then used his pinchers to extract one from the shrubbery and deposit it into his sharps container. I commended him on his work ethic -- he had to go the extra mile to get the needle from the shrub in the planter - but he said he used to be on the streets and was grateful for his job and wanted to keep people from getting hurt. Mr. Webb does terrific work! Thank you for keeping downtown clean and safe!”
- July 5, 2016