Meet Bigbelly, the world's first and only solar-powered, cordless trash compaction system. Bigbelly is an innovative solution to a long-standing urban problem, an environmentally conscious way to manage trash collection. Bigbelly can compact and hold five times the capacity of ordinary trashcans, using only the sun's energy for power, so it gets the job done without so many truck trips (five times less!), and without overflowing trash cans.

Because it can stomach this great quantity of trash, Bigbelly can help you cut the frequency of trash collection trips by 80 percent. Imagine the benefits for the environment. Fewer trash collections mean less money spent on truck maintenance and fuel. Less fuel consumption translates into cleaner air.

Bigbelly may have a huge appetite for trash, but it is no energy hog. Designed with a solar panel, Bigbelly harnesses sunlight and uses it to power its compaction mechanism. Best of all, Bigbelly is equipped with a sophisticated energy-management system that allows Bigbelly to operate during those weeks in Portland when there is no direct sunlight.

You can help make Portland cleaner and greener by sponsoring your very own Bigbelly! The Portland Adopt-A-Belly program is a public-private partnership to purchase Bigbelly solar-powered waste compaction devices for placement in central Portland. Your participation in this program is tax deductible! Since the inception of the Portland-Adopt-A-Belly program, private and public partners have donated more than 110 Bigbelly units to the city of Portland for use in the downtown area.

With your company's generous donation, we can eliminate traditional trash receptacles throughout Portland with solar-powered Bigbelly compactors. Imagine cleaner streets, less garbage and garbage trucks, less noise and traffic: adopt a Bigbelly and that dream can become a reality in Portland!

For more information, contact Lisa Frisch, Downtown Retail Program Director, at